Meal plan: week of March 4, 2019

Meal plan: week of March 4, 2019

I have a rule, wherein I am not allowed to buy any cookbook until I have checked it out of the library and actually used it for a few weeks. If I find after a couple of weeks I’m happy to return it, I don’t buy it. If I feel my heart breaking when I can’t renew it because it’s on hold for another person, I usually skip merrily over to my beloved Book Larder and buy myself a copy.

This one – Molly on the Range by the truly delightful Molly Yeh – joined my library this weekend. And is featured heavily in this week’s meal plan.

Molly on the Range cookbook by Molly Yeh

Monday. I’m making the brown buttered squash bake from Back Pocket Pasta, because I was planning to make it last Friday but we went out instead, and I still have this butternut squash looking forlorn on my counter and a few sprigs of pilfered sage languishing in a pot of water on my counter.

Tuesday. I’m going to make Molly’s flatbread recipe in the morning, and then try her falafel for dinner, along with various greens and sliced fresh veggies. Her recipe calls for using soaked but uncooked garbanzo beans, and that’s worked well for me before.

Wednesday. It’s make-ahead dinner, so I’m going to make a quiche with some sort of cheese and some sort of vegetable in the morning to gobble after climbing class. I even have a whole-wheat pie crust in the freezer from when I made a quiche a few weeks ago! As long as I remember to take it out the night before, I’ll be golden.

Thursday. Another Molly Yeh recipe tonight, this one her cauliflower shawarma tacos. I’ll make her beautiful hummus to go along with it, which I’ve been making on the regular for the last few weeks. It’s the creamiest, dreamiest hummus ever, especially warm right from the blender.

Friday. Since we’ll have had pasta on Monday, I’m planning to make pizza tonight, and I’ll try making Molly’s walnut-sausagey topping from her cookbook to go with a standard mozzarella-and-sauce pie. I’ve been using a sourdough method on my baking stone and it’s the best pizza I’ve ever made – surpassing even the grill method which I can’t use anyway because we have no grill in our teensy apartment.

What’s on your menu for the week?

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