Instant pot

My Instant Pot changed how I cook. I’ve had her – she’s named Potsy – since 2015, and acquiring her has changed a great deal about how I approach meal planning, meal prep, and my general confidence in getting dinner (and breakfast. And lunch, now that I think of it) on the table. I can’t say enough good things about her, and if you don’t have one, it’s well worth the counter space. Sure, you could make most of these recipes on the stovetop, but the hands-off nature of cooking with an electric pressure cooker is, as far as I’m concerned, its main attraction.


Hard boiled eggs in bowl

Instant Pot hard “boiled” eggs for everything

Oh EGGS. Where would we be without you? Today: hard boiled eggs. These little fellas are a staple, and my fridge ...
Instant pot steel cut oatmeal with toppings

Hands off, pot-in-pot Instant Pot steel cut oats

Steel cut oatmeal is the best kind of oatmeal. I'll fight you on it. I like regular rolled oats just ...
Vegetable scrap stock in progress

No waste Instant Pot vegetable scrap stock, ginger garlic mushroom style

I couldn't possibly list all of the great things about living in Seattle, but one of the best has to ...


Rice and masoor dal with cilantro

Quick dinner: Instant Pot pot-in-pot dal and rice

There are approximately one bazillion different types of dals in this fine world, and there is no way I could ...
congee with toppings

Instant Pot vegetarian congee: soupy rice that makes everything better

I didn't grow up on congee (a.k.a. jook, porridge, or probably many other things that I am wholly unaware of), ...