Meal plan: week of April 23, 2018

Meal plan: week of April 23, 2018

Ohhhh….Spring has sprung, said the bumblebee….

It takes pretty much all of my self control not to burst into this particularly charming preschool song everytime I step out the door these days. Everything is blooming and glorious, not only the pink and white and purple and orange blossoms, but the tiny little green buds are bursting into brilliant green leaves, and it is just a delight to be outdoors. It hasn’t even been raining – or at least, hardly at all – and it means I just want to frolic at the playground and on the way to the grocery store. Frolic, frolic, frolic. This week is bringing a dear friend for dinner on Tuesday as well, so I’m looking forward to the week ahead. I mean, look at my view while running this morn.

I forgot to modify our fruit and vegetable box again this week, so I’m trying to cram in as many extra vegetables into the menu as I can muster.

Monday. Just the kiddos and me, so I’m going to make (and hopefully post!) the delicious (optional) sourdough green waffles that constitute the largest single dietary consumption of vegetables by my kids. We serve with plain Greek yogurt (which I need to make some more of) and maple syrup, and they are always a hit.

Tuesday. Fancy dinner time! I’m going to try Smitten Kitchen’s vegetarian cassoulet with those yum Rancho Gordo cassoulet beans. Will serve with fresh baked sourdough and roasted asparagus, and I think I’m going to attempt some kind of special dessert from my super exciting new-to-me cookbook The Secrets of Baking by Sherry Yard. This is a very readable almost textbookish baking master guide, and I’m totally getting my Great British Baking Show on. I made my first ever creme patisserie last night, and while not a 100% success, I’m well on my way to the white tent. Also, can you imagine my delight when opening this purchase and discovering it was sweetly signed by the author?

Wednesday. Kiddo cooks! She’s making some kind of vegetarian enchilada casserole, so I’m going to make a cabbage, carrot, and bell pepper slaw to go along with it.

Thursday. Mushroom and vegetable sausage burgers served with sweet potato fries and some kind of cucumber salad. These burgers are made from the leftover truly delicious vegetarian sausage rolls that my husband made for dinner last night; the sausage rolls were divine, but we have no more puff pastry and so much filling! I know, I could make the puff pastry, but somehow I don’t think that’s happening this week. And yes, that’s Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel sprinkled on top. Revolutionary? Delicious? Yes.

vegetarian sausage rolls

Friday. Pasta with acorn squash, sardines, and preserved lemon. This is modified from Colu Henry’s brilliant Back Pocket Pasta; she calls for summer squash, but I’ve got two mini acorn squashes lying around. I’m not sure it will be a perfect match, but can’t know til we try, right? I’ll serve with some preparation of red dandelion greens. Any ideas what to make with those? Our last experience was an inedible pile of bitter.

What are you concocting this week?

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